Glimpses : Imagination

Hazrat Inayat Khan tells the following anecdote, and some readers may find his comment surprising or even challenging.

Once I visited a school of thought culture They had made a new system, and I went to see it.

There were ten or twelve children standing there, and the teacher said, “Look, what is there here?” There was nothing but a plain board before them.

One child said, “A lily.” The teacher said, “All right.”

To another child he said, “Look, what is here?” The other child looked and said, ‘A red rose.” the teacher was satisfied.

And to a third child he said, “See, what is here.” The child said, “It is a pink rose,” and again the teacher was satisfied.

Then he asked another child to tell what was there, and the child said, “I do not see anything.” I thought to myself, “He is the one who has some sense, for he did not tell a lie.”

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