Glimpses : The Sage’s Laughter

I once saw in India [said Hazrat Inayat Khan] a sage whom I knew to be very deep, a man of high attainment, and he was laughing at nothing.

I wondered what he was laughing at. Then I stood there and looked around, thinking I must see from his point of view what was making him laugh so much. And I saw people hustling and bustling. For what? Was it not laughable? Every person thinking his particular point of view to be the most important!

Is this not the picture of life? Each person pushes others away because he finds his action the most important. It is the way of the evolved and the unevolved. And what do they reach? Nothing. Empty-handed they leave this world; they have come without anything and they leave without anything.

It is this outlook which bewilders the soul. The sage does not feel proud when he laughs at others but at the same time he finds it highly amusing. And he is just amused at himself as at others.

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