Glimpses : The vision of my Murshid

When the young but already highly celebrated musician Inayat Khan came to Hyderabad in the early 1900’s, he met there Sayyed Mohammed Abu Hashim Madani, the murshid who was destined to help open the door of understanding for him. Regarding his murshid Hazrat Inayat once told the following account.

I have had many experiences of the vision of my murshid, one of which is the following.

Once we were making a three days’ journey through the jungle, in a place where there was great danger from robbers, and every night two or three travellers were killed.

Ours was the smallest caravan. Generally the caravans were of twenty wagons, but it happened that ours was of three wagons only. I had with me my very precious gems given to me by the nizam of Hyderabad, and instead of arms I had musical instruments.

All night I saw the form of my murshid, at first faintly, afterwards distinctly, walking with the wagon. The other two wagons were attacked and robbed, and a few worthless bundles were taken, but my wagon was safe.

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