Hazrat Inayat : Magnetism pt IV

Continuing with this theme, Hazrat Inayat Khan now explores the workings of magnetism in creation, and between individuals and groups. The previous post may be found here.

Magnetism can be explained as affinity, which has power of attraction; it attracts its own element. This affinity may manifest in any aspect in the world of things and beings. It is the power of this affinity which has held the whole universe together. The atoms of water, held together, make the sea, and the atoms of earth, held together, form the land. So it is with each element and every being. Had it not been for this affinity, the whole universe would have broken to pieces. The stronger part attracts the weaker, and that is why God, the One and Only Power of this affinity, is considered as the Beloved, because He attracts all to Himself.

Some call Him the Lover, for He loves His manifestation. But in reality this affinity itself becomes Love, Lover and Beloved, and is idealized by the wise as God, the Only Being. The subject of Love, Lover and Beloved, which is most found in the Sufi literature, only reveals the above mentioned fact. That is why the Sufis have worshipped the beauty in nature, the full moon, the rising sun, the rose gardens, the fragrance of the flower and the color of the leaf, and the wine of love, youth, beauty and the Beloved. That which the ascetics have rejected by self-renunciation, afraid of being tempted or deluded, the Sufi has embraced, recognizing all beauty, from the unseen to the seen, from spirit to matter, all names and forms, as nothing but the symbol of God, and thus he worships them in all aspects, high and low, good and bad. 

The reason why the magnet attracts the steel is because it has the element of steel within it, as well as more energy. If the steel had more energy, it would have attracted the magnet. Such is the case with everything. The tree attracts the rain, and in the desert there is hardly a shower. This shows that trees have in them the element of water, which attracts water, and the desert has not this quality.

The same is the case with a person who may attract many, and may be attracted by someone. In another case a person may become an object of attraction to some and a subject of hate to others. In both these cases it should be understood that the person who has attracted many, has done so by that attribute which he possesses in a stronger degree than others, and in the other case, where he is attracted, he may be weaker in that aspect of energy. In other words, a singer who may win the applause of thousands may be carried away by the verse of a poet.

The attraction between things and beings, as the fondness for diamond, ruby, fruit and flower, dog and cat, and so on, as well as the attraction of the sexes, this is all based upon the law of attraction. This explains the mystery why independence or exclusiveness has so great a power of attraction, because it represents strength. God is the center of attraction for the whole world, and its proof is no other than His independence and remoteness. Abstinence, seclusion, silence, concentration, perseverance, perfection, dignity, self-respect, modesty, thoughtfulness, gentleness, mildness, meekness, and cheerfulness, all these help personal magnetism. 

The law of attraction has much to do with the principle of harmony. No matter how unattractive people may be, yet in a group where they are all of the same element, they attract each other. Seeing this, the Sufi attunes himself to the same key in which another person, with whom he may come in contact, may be.

Magnetism is either inherited or developed. In both cases it is energy, from which magnetism is created by balanced development. If a person has magnetism as an inborn attribute, it is a great assistance to him in his spiritual progress; if it is not innate, it takes much effort to cultivate it. Yet everybody has power of magnetism to a greater or lesser degree.

To be continued…

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