Hazrat Inayat : Rhythm

Hazrat Inayat Khan often speaks of rhythm in connection with both the inner and the outer life, and in these few sentences he makes it more clear how this principe may be applied.

By losing the rhythm much is lost. Music is the miniature of life’s harmony in sound, in a concentrated sense. The person who has no rhythm physically cannot walk well, he often stumbles. The person who has no rhythm in his emotions falls easily into a spell [i.e. mood], such as laughter, or crying, or anger, or fear. We should practice rhythm in our lives, that we may not be so patient and yielding that everybody takes the best of us; nor so carried away by our enthusiasm and frankness that we say things that are undesirable in the world; nor so meek and mild that we fall into flattery, timidity, and cowardice. Then, by and by, we may understand the rhythm of emotions, then the rhythm of thought, then the rhythm of feeling. Then a person comes into relation with the inner rhythm, which is the true meaning of the world.

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