Tales : Nasruddin finds a way to get warm

It happened once upon a time that Mullah Nasruddin was travelling, and arrived at an inn while it was pouring rain. He entered the inn, soaked to the skin, and hoping to warm himself by the fire, but a number of others were crowded around the fireplace, and as they kept their backs turned firmly toward him, he could not get near.

The innkeeper, seeing hm standing dejectedly in the middle of the room, said, “What is wrong Mullah? You look sad.”

“I have lost my purse,” Nasruddin replied.

“Your purse? Was there anything in it?”

“Ten pieces of gold,” Nasruddin replied.

“Do you know where you lost it?” the innkeeper asked.

“Somewhere in the last mile before I reached the inn,” said Nasruddin. “I will search for it in the morning.”

“Not now?” said the innkeeper, surprised.

“”Who would be travelling the road in this rain at night?” the Mullah asked. “It will be safe until tomorrow morning.”

“If I were you,” said the innkeeper, “I would go now. If news of your loss gets around, you will never see your purse again.”

“Ah,” said Nasruddin, “but look – here is my purse after all. So let us warm ourselves by the fire.” For all the other people had already vanished into the darkness.

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  1. Josephine Lolicato

    Cheeky and insightful Mullah Nasruddin . What was lost was never lost. Let those who need to hear falsehoods mistakenly plunge forth into the mask of the rain and leave the comfort of the fireplace. Water and Fire. Elements with their own voice. Patience and stillness by the inner sanctum of the fire reveals what is needed. Wait, leave the gold. Only a small part of the story has been revealed. Turn to the breathe for calm. Be not lost in the rain and cold.Turn to the treasure of companionship. Seek a greater truth.


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