Tales : Two demons

It happened once that two demons met and got into a conversation. One of the demons was well-fed, sleek and finely dressed, while the other was exactly the opposite: emaciated, disheveled, and scarcely able to speak.

“Brother, what has happened to you?” demanded the well-fed one. “You look to be in terrible condition.”

“It is all because of the man with whom I have to live,” responded the other. “When he eats, he says the Name of the Lord, and so I get nothing. When he drinks, he also says the Name of the Lord, and so I remain thirsty. When he washes and dresses, he says the Name of the Lord, and so I remain, as you see, unwashed and clothed in rags. It is a disaster! But you look well.”

“Yes,” said the other. “The man with whom I live is just the opposite. He takes no care of such matters, and so when he eats, I eat, when he drinks, I drink, and all the rest of it. He is so generous to me,” concluded the demon, “that when he leaves this world, I shall take him home with me, and he will be my guest for ever.”

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