Abu Saeed : Despair is disobedience

As we travel the lifelong path of the spirit, with all its ups and downs, who has never felt discouraged? Then hear the words of Shaikh Abu Saeed and take heart. For more about this Sufi see this earlier post.

My hair has turned white,
all these years I have gathered
nothing but these dark deeds.
I had no perfumed incense to bring You,
I have brought You these dry sticks.
My boldness in entertaining hopes of forgiveness
and dreams of union
comes from Your royal decree, my Love.
“Despair is disobedience and shows lack of faith.”

Rendition by Vraje Abramian

One Reply to “Abu Saeed : Despair is disobedience”

  1. Zora

    Thank you dear Nawab. I guess this is why amidst the covert crisis and my lifetime of mistakes, I smile in greeting for another day.


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