7 Replies to “Audio 118 This is not my heart”

  1. Howard Olivier

    Such a bearutiful and heart-filliing post, affirming and reminding, gentle and connective. Yes, an altar and not even ‘my’ altar. Thank you for this affirming and lively frame of remembrance.

  2. Abdel Kabir

    Wow… qué belleza reconocer al corazón como un altar para la Divina Presencia. Muchas gracias querido maestro Nawab, por la inspiración y guía. Un gran abrazo siempre desde el corazón😊🙏

  3. Araya

    My Lord
    you are closer to me
    than my own breath
    I love my body
    because I love you
    my heart is dancing
    because you are closer to me
    than my own thoughts and feelings
    my mind doesn’t know you
    but my heart does
    that is the beauty of the heart
    it never gives up

  4. Farahnaz

    So beautiful to feel and think my heart as an altar where the sacred and the light lives. Thank my dear Murshid!!


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