Hazrat Inayat : Magnetism pt I

This post begins a series of teachings on the profound implications of ‘magnetism.’ As Hazrat Inayat Khan shows us here, it is fundamental to the structure of the universe, and explains the workings of harmony.

The subject of magnetism, as interesting as it is from a scientific point of view, so interesting or still more interesting it is from a mystical point of view. For, in the first place, a magnet and something which is attracted to the magnet have a relation. The magnet represents the essence, a part of which that object which is attracted holds. Very often one does not find the trace of that essence in the object that the magnet attracts, but at the same time the essence is there, and that is the logical reason why it is attracted, because its blood relationship is an influence of that recognized by them. 

In the East this blood relationship was always signified by the magnetism that exists between two persons who have the same blood. And a deeper study of this fact will certainly prove that there is an unknown attraction between two people having a blood relationship between them. An incident that occurred lately was an experience of it. A person from Stockholm was visiting London, where he thought he had no relations, or that if there were any relations, they were perhaps a century ago. And while walking in a part of London he met someone who called him by his name. When he turned back, this person excused himself, saying, “I am sorry, I have made a mistake.” But this man asked, “How did you know my name? The name you said is mine.” And when they spoke together, they found that they were cousins, but cousins only if they studied genealogy.

We do not give much attention to this subject. But the more we give attention to it, the more proof we can find of this element which is drawn to its similar element. And Sadi, the great poet of Persia, says, “Element attracts element, as a dove is attracted to a dove, an eagle is attracted to an eagle.” But do we not find the same thing in life every day? A gambler when he goes to another country, by the help of Providence – one does not know how – attracts another gambler very soon. A person who does not know what “thief” means, perhaps does not know of a thief; but a person who is a thief, it will not take him any time to find another thief in a country where he arrives. It is not only that when two persons of the similar element see one another they are attracted to one another, but even conditions, life itself brings about their meeting, life itself draws them together.

And therefore it is natural that a person who is very sad, naturally attracts a miserable one to join together with him; the one with joy, with happiness, naturally attracts happiness. And in this way magnetism is working through the whole creation; and in all aspects you will see the phenomena of magnetism, in the physical world as well as in the mental spheres.

No doubt one cannot always say that it is an element which attracts the same element; but also the element attracts what it is lacking, what is opposite to it. And when we think of friendship, we see that with some we feel inclined to be friends and others we feel inclined to keep away from. And the most interesting part is that those whom we feel disinclined to be friends with, they have also some who are drawn towards them in friendship. This takes us to find the truth which lies in musical harmony, how two notes have a relation with one another and their combination brings about a harmony. 

To be continued…

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