Hazrat Inayat : The Inner Life pt XII

Hazrat Inayat Khan continues describing the paradoxical growth both forward and backward of the person advancing on the spiritual path. The previous post is here.

As the spiritual soul proceeds further he begins to show the real traits of humanity, for here real humanity begins. One can see in such a soul the signs which are the pure characteristics of the human being, devoid of the animal traits. For instance, there is a tendency in him to appreciate every little good deed done by anyone, to admire good wherever he sees it in any person: a tendency to sympathize, whatever be the condition of a person, saint or sinner; a tendency to take interest in the affairs of his friends when called upon to do so; a tendency to sacrifice, not considering what he sacrifices, as long as he is moved to do that action. Respect, gratitude, sincerity, faithfulness, patience, endurance, all these qualities begin to show in the character of that man. It is in this stage that truly he can judge, for at this stage the sense of justice awakens.

But as he grows he continues also to grow backward. He now shows the signs of the animal kingdom; for instance, such a quality as that of the elephant, which, with all its strength and power of giant bulk, is ready to take the load put upon it; the horse which is ready to serve the rider; and the cow which lives in the world harmoniously, comes home without being driven, gives milk which is the right of her calf. These qualities come to the spiritual person. The same thing is taught by Christ.

When he goes on further still there develops in him the quality of the vegetable kingdom, of the plants that bring forth fruit and flowers; patiently waiting for the rain from above; never asking any return from those who come to gather flowers and fruit, giving and never expecting a return, desiring only to bring forth beauty according to the capability which is hidden in them, and letting it be taken by the worthy or unworthy, whoever it be, without any expectation of appreciation or thanks.

And when the spiritual person advances still  further he arrives at the stage of the mineral kingdom. He becomes as a rock; a rock for others to lean on, to depend upon; a rock that stands unmoved amidst the constantly moving waves of the sea of life; a rock to endure all things of this world whose influence has a jarring effect upon sensitive human beings; a rock of constancy in friendship, of steadfastness in love, of loyalty to every ideal for which he has taken his stand. One can depend on him through life and death, here and hereafter. In this world where nothing is dependable, which is full of changes every moment, such a soul has arrived at the stage where he shows through all these changes that rock-like quality, proving thereby his advancement to the mineral kingdom.

His further advancement is into the jinn quality, which represents the all knowing, all understanding. There is nothing he cannot understand; however difficult the situation, however subtle the problem, whatever be the condition of those around him, he understands it all. A person may come to him hardened with faults that he has committed all his life; before this understanding he melts, for whether it be friend or an enemy, he understands both. Not only has he the knowledge of human nature, but of objects as well, of conditions of life in general in all its aspects.

And when he advances still further his nature develops into that of an angel. The nature of the angel is to be worshipful. He therefore worships God in all creatures; he does not feel to be any greater or better or any more spiritual himself than anybody else. In this realization he is the worshipper of all the names and forms there are, for he considers them all the names and forms of God. There is no one, however degenerate or looked down upon by the world, who is any less in his eyes. In his eyes there is no one but the divine Being; and in this way every moment of his life is devoted to worship. For him it is no longer necessary that he must worship God at a certain time, or in a certain house, or in a certain manner. There is no one moment that he is not in worship. Every moment of his life he is in worship, he is before God; and being before God at every moment of his life he becomes so purified that his heart becomes a crystal where everything is clear. Everything is reflected there, no one can hide his thoughts from him, nothing is hidden from him; all is known as clearly as it is known to the other person, and more so. For every person knows his own condition and yet not the reason, but the spiritual being at this stage knows the condition of the person and the reason behind it. Therefore he knows more about every person than that person knows himself.

It is in this stage that his progress culminates and comes to its fullness; and Christ has spoken concerning this in the words: ‘Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ When that stage arrives, it is beyond all expression. It is a sense, it is a realization, and it is a feeling, which words can never explain. There is only one thing that can be said, that when a person has touched that stage which is called perfection, his thought, speech, action, his atmosphere, everything becomes productive of God; he spreads God everywhere. Even if he did not speak, still he would spread God; if he did not do anything, still he would bring God. And thus God-realized ones bring to the world the living God. At present there exists in the world only a belief in God; God exists in imagination, in the ideal. It is such a soul which has touched divine Perfection that brings to the earth a living God, who without him would remain only in the heavens.

To be continued …

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  1. Huma

    Beloved Murshid
    This incredible writing by Pir O Murshid Inayat tells us of the alquemy that realized beings – as our beloved Murshid was! -go through,that Alquemy that turns mercury into gold.
    It brings both hope and (mixed with a rather comical dispair) a great humblness:hope for the world to witness one day such a being in person, and humblness when facing how far from this one sees oneself being (in my case, no doubt!)
    It takes 100 steps to make a move in the right direction and one step in the wrong direction to fall back into illusion and separation.
    We seem to move back and forward from asleep to awake constantly as we move in our everyday life. The task of remaining sober seems a hard one in this tavern full of drunks. And yet, as we move in this often grotesque dance, we sometimes get a glimpse, something beautiful that moves us :a child playing with sand on a beach, the care with which a youngster looks after an older person.. a tiny seed, that from the dark earth where we placed it, with hope, in a small pot by the window, one day sprouts and gives birth to a new green little plant.
    Beauty, in all its forms, seems to be everywhere.

    The Alquemy that melts us into being human knows the way of this Perfection.
    Perhaps, from this often obscure corner of our small being, something greater is calling and guiding us through and out of this,
    that often doesn’t seem to make any sense at all
    Perhaps is the way to THAT

    And this humblness
    With profound Awe
    Is our relief


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