Shams-i Tabrizi : Recognising the Prophets

This subtle thought is taken from the Maqalat or Conversations of Shams of Tabriz, the spiritual catalyst of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi.

All the prophets have recognized each other. Jesus says: “O people of Nazareth, you don’t know Moses well; come and be with me so that you will know Moses.” His Divine Grace Muhammad (may God’s peace be upon him) used to say: “O Christians and Jews, you don’t know Moses and Jesus very well. Come and be with me so that you can know them better.” The prophets are always those who accept and confirm each other. And their words are always words that explain and complete each other.

After this the friends said: “O Messenger of God, since every prophet acknowledged the one who came before him, who is going to confirm you, since you are the last of the prophets?”

He answered: “The one who knows his own soul, undoubtedly knows God as well.” Therefore, the one who knows my self, knows my Lord as well. In this regard, the best person is the one who is furthest from his own desire. No matter how refined and mature his ideas are, he is further away if he has not left his own desires.

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