Tales : Lost and found

Once upon a time it happened that Mullah Nasruddin lost his donkey – yes, again! If the Mullah is involved, such occurrences should not surprise us.

When he realised that his donkey was lost, the Mullah went to the market place, climbed on the table of a friend who was selling cucumbers and onions, and began to address the people.

“Friends,” called the Mullah, “my donkey is lost! Surely you know him – such and such an age, one ear like this, one leg like that…” And he gave them a description of his animal. “Whoever finds him, I promise a great reward!”

Someone in the crowd called, “What reward? What will you give us?”

“The donkey himself!” said Nasruddin. The people in the market looked at each other in astonishment, and then scattered in all directions, hoping to find the donkey and claim the prize.

“But Nasruddin,” said his friend as the Mullah climbed down from the table, “if you give the donkey as a reward, why even search for the beast?”

“My friend,” said the Mullah, “haven’t you ever lost something and felt the joy of finding it again?”

2 Replies to “Tales : Lost and found”

  1. Josephine M Lolicato

    Mullah knows what counts. Not the loss, nor the search but rather the joy of finding what has been lost.
    The donkey causes a great deal of trouble for Mullah. The members of the town have witnessed this mischief. Yet they morph into foolish seekers in search of a free!!! donkey. An easy way. The promise of possibilities.
    It is a little difficult to imagine Mullah without his donkey and perhaps it is he who will find his treasured friend again.

    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Thank you, dear sister, I appreciate your observations, and I hope that the story turns out the way you suggest!


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