Tales : You say the opposite

There was once upon a time a certain Shaikh who was highly respected for his wisdom, and visitors often came to consult him on one matter or another. One day a man arrived, greeted the Shaikh respectfully and said, “Sir, I have heard that you have taught the following…” And he described a certain point.

“Yes,” replied the Shaikh, “I have indeed said that.”

“But,” said the man, “I have visited another Shaikh who says something different.” And he told who that was and what he had taught.

The Shaikh said, “I know that Shaikh. In my humble opinion he is a great soul, worthy of veneration.”

“But you say the opposite!”

The Shaikh held out his two hands and lifting one, said, “This is that respected Shaikh.” Lifting the other hand, he said, “And this is me. These two hands are connected here – ” He tapped his chest. “In the Divine Heart. And sometimes the Heart does this!” He clapped the two hands together loudly. “To wake you up.”

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