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Previous posts about Sri Ramakrishna include the tale about him rescuing the scorpion, and his advice to dive deep.

It happened once that a rich man of business came to see Sri Ramakrishna, and said, “I have heard that the Goddess Maha Kali herself comes to visit you.”

“Yes,” replied the yogi, “that is true.”

“When does she come?”

“That is not fixed,” said Ramakrishna. “Is there a set time when God and the saints come to visit? They come of their own goodness, when they will.”

“I see,” said the rich man. “But Guruji, perhaps you could help me. The next time the Goddess comes to you, please send her to me also.”

Ramakrishna saw that the man was a clever schemer, and so he said, “Very well. But you have to give me your address.”

Quite willingly, and no doubt thinking that he had secured his spiritual fortune, the man wrote his address on a piece of paper and gave it to the Guru.

Ramakrishna looked at the paper and said, “Is this your address?”

“Yes, sir, that is definitely my address.”

“No,” said the Guru, “this is not your address. This is the address of your body. But I can send the Goddess Maha Kali only if you give me YOUR address.”

“MY address?” The rich man was bewildered.

“How can a person invite the Goddess Maha Kali if he does not know his own address?” said Sri Ramakrishna.

And with that, the businessman silently withdrew.

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