A small explanation

It appears that the recent post about what we can offer to friends and acquaintances who may be searching for some spiritual help in the present crisis did not make it clear that the three phrases given at the end are intended as separate, independent practices. Each one was once given to a mureed as a sacred attunement, appropriate to that particular individual, and if we study them carefully, we can perhaps perceive slightly different qualities. Therefore, if we feel moved to offer one of these to a friend, some intuition and insight will help to choose which phrase will be more helpful.

It should also be explained that the first phrase is put in a very poetic form, which may be puzzling to some readers – not only those whose first language is not English, but even some English speakers who aren’t familiar with old poetry. The sentence carries the sense that our body, heart and spirit are being given to the Divine Presence for protection.

As a bonus in this theme, here are two more phrases that might be shared in the right moment.

Help me, Lord, to surmount all difficulties. 

I am under divine protection; nothing else has power over me.

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