Heavy Rains at the Dargah

Readers may be aware that a recent very heavy rainstorm caused serious damage to the domestic airport terminal in New Delhi in which unfortunately one person died. The same storm also brought extraordinary flooding at the Dargah of Sufi Inayat Khan in Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin. Although the drainage of the lower courtyard has recently been much improved by the installation of a number of micro-injection wells, it was obviously unable to cope with the downpour which turned the whole area into a lake..

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  1. Inam Rodrigo Anda

    Dearest Mushid Nawab,
    Thank you very much for sending us these touching videos about the plight of the Dargha of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and also for the people living in it and around it.
    In these situations, especially in third-world countries, it is not just the flooding. Still, after a few days, it is very likely that there will be serious health problems with all the people living in the Basti, due to infectious diseases caused by insects and other organisms.
    It seems this is a good time for all of us who have been blessed to be there, to collaborate with the Dargah administration and the people who are living through these difficult times.

  2. Walia Esperanza Holguin

    Dearest Murshid Nawab, I was very impressed and hurt by all the damages that nature caused in the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan, so many efforts to have it well. I am very sorry, as Inam says about the situation of the people who live and work there and all that this terrible flood affects the surroundings in the Basti.
    Surely this situation will touch the hearts of those of us who have been there, and we will look for ways to support them.

  3. Zubin

    Our thoughts and prayers are with our beloved friends and staff at the Dargah.
    Hoping that the excess water has cleared, the property is drying without damage,
    and you are of good heart and health.


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