Abdullah Ansari: Eager to Burn Yet More

Oh, Allah,
Whomever searches for You behind the covers of reason,
adores You out of fear or greed.

Whomever loves You for Your kindness,
will forget You when in sorrow.

Those who seek their own ego as You
and think fondly that they know You,
they know You not.

Sufis illuminated by Your light,
covered by Your rays,
they are already burning with the fire of Your love,
and eager to burn yet more.

Khajeh Abdullah Ansari*, Pir-e-Harat
Translated by Nahid Angha PhD

*Khajeh Abdullah Ansari (1006-1088) was a Persian Sufi who lived in Khorosan, now Herat in Afghanistan.  This excerpt is taken from his collection of prayers called The Munajat, considered a classic of Persian literature.

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