Abu Saeed : Grant me the glorious lunacy

For more about the Persian Sufi Shaikh Abu Saeed Abul Khair, see this earlier post.

Beloved, make contentment my wealth,
Your Love, the joy of my heart.
Let this creature of Yours thrive on You, his Creator,
make me needless of other creatures.
Make me needless of both worlds,
grant me that poverty You gift Your friends.
Guide this seeker in the direction of the secret victory.
Protect me from that which does not lead to You.
My Love, accept me in the inner circle of Your Lovers,
so I can share the secrets of their devotion.
Beloved, I am tortured by this tyrant of a mind.
Grant me the glorious lunacy of Love and
release me from myself.

Rendition by Vraje Abramian

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