Akho : Avoid ‘I’

Akho Bhagat was a 17th c. mystic and poet of Gujarat. He worked as a goldsmith, but two incidents caused him to abandon his craft and search for spiritual truth. In one, he was accused of stealing gold from the mint and was imprisoned, although he was subsequently exonerated and released. In the other, he was given some money by a woman who was like a sister to him, and requested to make a necklace. When it was delivered, he was deeply disappointed to hear that the woman had gone to another jeweller to check the necklace, suspecting that she had been cheated. She discovered, though that Akho had put extra gold in the piece. Turning his back on the world, Akho pursued the path of unity, and when his practice bore fruit he communicated his realisation through his poems.

Avoid “I,” beyond body be,
Swim in the Lord’s flowing stream.
One who has lost “I” and “me,”
Mingles easy in His sea.
Akha, have insight this way,
Space is in the center every which way.

Translation Krishnaditya

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