3 Replies to “Audio Tales: Silence”

  1. chris

    Dear Nawaab,
    I surely would like to meet this Sufi master who is sitting in extacy and tells the world to be silent.
    there is no in between, it is either this or that, so
    next question:
    Where can I meet him ? or are we now going to be friends, speaking face to face and maybe heart to heart.
    I surely would like to meet the new leader of the Sufi mouvement. Most of the scriptures of Inayat I allready have read. I must admid that I can read them again and again.

  2. Juan Amin Betancur

    Thank you dear murshid Nawab! What a beautiful and illustrating story. These past days a saying appeared in front of me on my PC screen while listening some uplifting music from Beethoven. It says, ‘Never break the silence unless you can improve it’. What a permanent challenge!


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