Audio Tales: The Power of a Word

With heartfelt gratitude to Anahita Juliana Rueda and the technical magic of her sound studio Miut in Barcelona, we today start an irregular offering of Sufi tales. Telling stories is a universal human activity, often wrapping together some threads of wisdom together with the entertainment.  Sometimes the vital kernel of the story remains elusive for years, lying like a seed in the soil of the mind and sprouting at last when the circumstances are right. The story today appears more obvious–but it might be worthy of a second or even a third look. Do we always give sufficient attention to the power of our words?

8 Replies to “Audio Tales: The Power of a Word”

  1. Paulina Baca

    Que alegria escuchar cuentos grabados de Murshid Nawab ,es de auspiciar que de estas “trinidades” surtan “mejores” efectos todavia. Inmenso agradecimiento a todos los queridos involucrados.
    Tantos recursos activados para servir a los demas, que bella inspiracion.
    Si, este cuento otras veces escuchado, resuena más que nunca.

  2. Darafshan

    I feel there is a reason why prayers are not written down but spoken out loud, and probably part of it is the vibration that sound can generate. Thank you dear Nawab for the inspirational vibration of the story told.

  3. Shamsher van Hees

    Really something to ponder upon; the power of words. Very special to hear your voice also here in my house. Many thanks dear Nawab. What one minute can bring!

  4. Walia Esperanza Holguin

    Me llena el corazón de alegría, es grande sentir el sonido, la vibración de tu profundo amor querido Murshid en cada palabra.
    Un hurra por Anahita que hizo un excelente trabajo en su estudio.
    Abrazos con gratitud,

  5. Yaqin

    Thank you Murshid Nawab. Beautifully spoken. Absolutely delightful and inspiring! So nice to hear your voice. Looking forward to hearing more audio offerings.


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