Ayn al-Quzat : Any means necessary

Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani (1098–1131 CE) was a Persian jurist, philosopher, mystic, poet and mathematician. He is ranked with Imam al-Ghazali in setting out fundamental principles of Sufism, and it is possible that he may have studied for a time with Omar Khayyam. He was appointed as a judge at the young age of 30, but fell afoul of the authorities and was martyred for heresy at the age of 33.

My precious one

The only obligation in religion
is to arrive at God
by any means necessary

Whatever delivers humanity to God
is an obligation
for the seekers

What delivers the servant to the Lord
this love supreme

it is love supreme
that is the obligation
of the path to God

Translation Omid Safi

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