Basava : The Eating Bowl is Not One Bronze

Basava, born in what is now Karnataka, was a 12th c. statesman, philosopher-poet and devotee of Shiva. While serving as the prime minister, he greatly energised the Shiva bhakti movement, which emphasises the love of Shiva, rather than the fulfilment of temple rituals. It is said that he received enlightenment at the confluence of two rivers, and for this reason always speaks of Shiva as ‘the lord of the meeting rivers.’

The eating bowl is not one bronze
and the looking glass another.

     Bowl and mirror are one metal.
     Giving back light
     one becomes a mirror.

          Aware, one is the Lord’s;
          unaware, a mere human.

               Worship the lord without forgetting,
               the lord of the meeting rivers.

Translation A. K. Ramanujan

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