Before You Judge

Inayat before you judgeBefore you judge my actions, Lord,
I pray you will forgive.

Before my heart has broken,
Will you help my soul to live?

Before my eyes are covered,
Will you let me see your face?

Before my feet are tired,
May I reach your dwelling-place?

Before I wake from slumber,
You will watch me, Lord, I hold.

Before I throw my mantle,
Will you take me in your fold?

Before my work is over,
You, my Lord, will right the wrong.

Before you play your music,
Will you let me sing my song?

Said to have been written by Hazrat Inayat Khan
while travelling by ship to India in 1926;
a few months later he passed away in New Delhi.

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  1. Hamida

    Beloved brother Nawab,

    Mureeds have received a Christmas card with these words, and said later that it gave them a presentiment.
    Murshida Salima van Braam in her memories on Murshid:
    When in 1926 Murshid traveled to India, this was kept secret for the mureeds. It was only told that he had withdrawn to rest. On a day in september I walked outside and all of a sudden had the feeling: Murshid is in India. To be sure I wrote to the Van Tuylls who could know and said: “Murshid is in India, but I don’t know his address. Could you give it to me?” The answer confirmed he was in India but he could not give me the address. Then at Christmas we received Murshid’s Christmas blessing with the poem: before you judge my actions, Lord, I pray you will forgive. Before my heart is broken, will you help my soul to live? etc. Then came the letter from Murshid in which he mentioned that he had no time to rest for he had been discovered and was asked to give lectures. His message found response in India. Then I was phoned on February 6th; I was told of Murshid’s passing on February 5th 1927. I had the feeling that I could no longer feel and think, I could not work this out, it was more than I could bear. On February 7th a letter from Murshid arrived. It was a veiled farewell and an urge to continue working. This letter helped me finding back my balance.

    “Before you judge” received on Christmas was also mentioned by Azmat Faber


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