Dargah Repairs Underway

Work is underway now at the Dargah of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan in New Delhi to repair damage to the terrace surrounding the Dargah structure. The need for this became evident during the summer, when an unusually intense storm began to wash away part of the terrace. The video below shows: 1) excavation along one side of the structure, where a steel beam will be inserted under the wall, which has been subsiding and causing cracks in the marble flooring; 2) the beginning of excavations and the removal of old stones, to be replaced by new stonework on all the upper terrace; 3) the fabrication of metal railings which will be installed at street level to prevent the use of the ramp by the front gate as a parking space for motorcycles.

Happily, all of the work is expected to be completed in time for the celebration of Visalat Day next February.

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