Dargah Report : Rain Damage

Readers of the Inner Call might want to know that an unusually heavy rainstorm in July caused damage to the upper terrace that surrounds the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan. As the pictures here show, a long crack was opened at the base of the wall by the Ashoka trees that grow outside the courtyard, some portions of the paving were lost and underlying sand and earth was washed away. The damage obviously leaves both the paving and walls vulnerable to further damage.

The stones of the upper court have been in a sad state for a long time. As well as being unsightly, the employees who sweep there have complained that the rough and pitted surface makes their job more difficult. Plans are now being formed to replace the stone work completely, The replacement is expected to begin after the completion of the October retreat, and the new stones should be ready in time for the celebration of the Urs next February – although as those who have attended the Urs in the past will know, the upper court is then completely covered by green carpeting.

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