Don Marco: Holy Spirit

After his prayers in his monastic cell, Don Marco, monk of St. Paul Monastery Outside the Wall (San Paolo fuori le Mura) in Rome heard these voices:

Cloister of St Paul Outside the Wall

Cloister of St Paul Outside the Wall

On May 30th, 1980 —

We have to be careful not to hinder the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit is Truth: so don’t tell lies.
Holy Spirit is Love: so don’t hate.
Holy Spirit is Holiness: so don’t be guilty.
Holy Spirit is Creative: so don’t destroy.
Holy Spirit is Justice: so don’t ever act unjustly.
Holy Spirit is Peace: so we have always to behave at the presence of the Lord and pray Him to act as He likes, always and everywhere.

On June 28, 1980 —

Love. Justice. Charity. Peace.
Holy Spirit is Charity: so don’t be niggardly.
Holy Spirit is Sweetness: so don’t be bitter.
Holy Spirit is Wisdom: so we cannot be ignorant.


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