Glimpses : A visit from the police

The following event was recounted by Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Maheboob Khan, one of the brothers of Hazrat Inayat Khan. ‘Murshid,’ below, refers, of course, to Hazrat Inayat Khan.

During the war of 1914–1918 Murshid lived in London. He used to spend hours in his room meditating in the evening. Somehow Murshid drew the attention of the police, who wanted to know what this Indian was up to in these days of war.

One evening there was a ring at his house. Two policemen told Musharaff Khan, who answered the door, that they wanted to search Murshid’s room. Musharaff Khan said this was impossible, for on no account did he want to disturb Murshid in his meditations. This, however, made the case even more suspicious, and the policemen said they must be shown into the room.

At his wit’s end, Musharaff knocked long at Murshid’s door, and in the meantime the policemen grew more and more suspicious. At last Musharaff entered Murshid’s room, apologised greatly for having to disturb him, and told about the policemen. “Let them come in,” Murshid said, rising to his full height.

When the policemen came in and saw Murshid’s great majesty, and felt the wonderful atmosphere of the room in which Murshid had meditated all that time, the expression on their faces changed completely. They just looked about the room, as was their duty, then went to Murshid. One of them said, “Master, forgive us, we had our orders.” They bowed their heads to him, and Murshid laid his hands on their heads and blessed them. They then kissed Murshid’s hand, and left, full of reverence and deeply impressed.

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