Glimpses: Look at the horizon

During the lifetime of Hazrat Inayat Khan, long journeys, such as he took from India to America, back and forth across the Atlantic  a number of times, and his final return to India, inevitably involved voyages by sea.  These could last for weeks, and seasickness was a frequent ‘travelling companion.’  In this connection, Hazrat Inayat recounted the following anecdote.

Once when I was sailing in a boat, a sailor gave me some interesting advice.  I asked him if he knew any remedy against seasickness, and he said, “No, they have tried for a long time to find something, but nothing is any good.  You must fix your eyes on the horizon; that will keep you from being seasick.”

I was greatly benefited by the advice, and it was a stimulus to my imagination, showing that the wider the outlook the less are the troubles in life. If we fix our eyes on the horizon, as far as we can see, then we are saved from the little things which make our life unhappy.

God is the horizon, as far as our sight extends and even further, for we can neither touch the horizon, nor can we touch God.

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