Glimpses : Mohammed and Christ

A bigoted Christian asked Murshid, “How could you ever connect the name of Mohammed with our Lord Jesus Christ?”

“I beg your pardon,” said Murshid. “I did not mean Mohammed whom you know through your clergy. I meant the Prophet known to the faithful followers of Islam.”

* * *

Someone from the audience asked Murshid after his lecture: “And what do you think of the coming of Christ?”

“He has never gone for me,” said Murshid.

2 Replies to “Glimpses : Mohammed and Christ”

  1. Zubin Shore

    Thank you:
    How much wider is the horizon of the heart when we recognize that ‘our faith’,
    ‘our prophet’, is part of one spirit, the same essence, the same inner sense,
    that has been followed by millions in all religions for ages?


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