Tales : How the rooster caused the sun to rise

Long, long ago, when the world was young, it happened that the Sun shone every day so strongly that the world became very hot. The animals bore it patiently, but humans, being humans, complained, and some of them said rude things and shook their fists at the Sun. When the Sun heard these insults, his great pride was wounded and he returned to his home, declaring that he would no longer rise into the sky.

As a result, the world became dark and cold, and all of creation suffered. The humans apologised, but the Sun doubted their sincerity and refused to return to his daily travels.

Then the birds decided to send an envoy to beg the Sun to relent, and they chose the rooster for this duty. When the rooster arrived in the home of the Sun, the warmth and light there inspired him, and he spoke many words of praise for his host. Then he pleaded with the Sun to return to his usual ways, so that the world could be as before.

“No,” the Sun replied, “the humans have deeply offended me, and I cannot bear to come again where I am not wanted.”

“Well,” said the rooster, “if it is so, it must be so, but then I shall have to return home in the dark. I am a defenceless bird, and I fear that the fierce jungle cat will find me in the darkness and devour me. Even more than the loss of my worthless life, I would regret the gossip that might arise if one who has been the guest of the Sun would be destroyed on his way home.”

The Sun said, “Have no fear. You have been my guest, and if you are attacked on your return, simply call for me and I shall come.”

The rooster thanked the Sun for his generosity, and took his leave. But even before he reached the jungle, he began to crow loudly. Immediately, the Sun came out of his house and began to look for the rooster. But the rooster hid himself, and the Sun spent the whole day in the sky looking for him.

And to this day it is so, that when the rooster crows, the Sun rises to protect his guest, for so great is the depth of his hospitality.

One Reply to “Tales : How the rooster caused the sun to rise”

  1. Josephine Lolicato

    Mischievous delight and mercy.
    Both ready to support each other
    Sun and Rooster.
    Open to giving assistance,
    to make a plan work.
    How kind was the sun, open to compassion.


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