Glimpses : Subuhan Azil

During the last Serai, in which the birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan was celebrated, reference was made to the song or Invocation, called Subuhan Azil, with which Pir-o-Murshid at times began meetings. The effect of the song, coming, as it did, from the depth of an illuminated soul, was so powerful that some people even felt they were being hypnotised, and regretfully, rather than risk controversy, this custom was dropped.

After the Serai, Hamida Verlinden kindly pointed out that unfortunately there is no recording of Hazrat Inayat Khan singing Subuhan Azil; the song which was played in the Serai was something different. However, posted below is a recording which Hamida sent of Hazrat Inayat’s youngest brother, Pir-o-Murshid Musharaff Khan, in his later years, singing Subuhan Azil. The Urdu lyrics with translation are based on a document found among the papers of Pir-o-Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan.

Subahana zil mulke –  Holy be God
Wal malakut  –  Master of kings
Subahana zil ezate  –  Holy be God, endowed with grandeur
Wal azmate  –  with magnificence
Wal haibate  –  God of love
Wal qudrate  –  and power
Wal kibri ya  –  and magnificence
Wal jalale   –  and splendor
Wal jamale   –  and beauty
Wal kamala   –  and perfection
Wal jabarut  –  and omnipotence
Subahanal malakal mabud  –  Holy be God, the ruler, the adored one
Subahanal malakal maksud  –  Holy be God, king, the one desired
Subahanal malakal maujud  –  Holy be God of angels and created beings
Subahanal malakal haiy yullazi  –  Holy be God, the life immortal
Layamut wa laya muto  –  Free from death and free from birth
Wa laya huto  –  Free from limitations
Abadan abada  –  Everlasting, eternal
Subuhun kuddusun  –  Holy, pure
Rabbana wa rabbul  –  Oh! our Lord, God, protector
Mala yakate warruh  –  the sovereignty and the blessing

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  1. Zubin Shore

    Deepest thanks for the blessing of being able to hear Pir o Murshid Musharaff Khan singing Subuhan Azil, and to read the Urdu and English translation. I shall return to it again and again. Thankyou Nawab and Hamida and thanks be to God!


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