Guest Room – Homage to Abraham

The full dance performed in Murad Hassil in homage to the Prophet Abraham, choreographed and danced by Nirtan Ekaterina Pasnak to music by Jordi Savall.  The choreography is explained in the introduction.  Many thanks to Shahnawaz van Gestel for the video, and for making a smaller version available.


8 Replies to “Guest Room – Homage to Abraham”

  1. Talibah Paulina

    Nirtan querida, que alegría ver como resuenas, se percibe tu energía y tus certezas. Abrazo tu corazón extrañada hermanita. Gracias!

  2. Zubin Shore

    So excited to be able to receive this visual feast on the, the Lord of the dance continues to manifest, congratulations and many thank you, both.

  3. Huma

    Ohh so hypnotizing watching sister Nirtan perform her dance ! Her precise movements tell the tale with power and grace and the story comes alive… I wish i was there to see it but thank you Murshid for sharing it here with us !

  4. Nirtan

    Dearst sisters, thank you all so much for such warm and kind comments. It touches my heart deeply and encourages for further work. In fact, there is a full recording of this dance. Our dear brother Shahnawaz from Holland, a professional film producer, has made a full recording of this piece including the introduction. Unfortunately, it is too large to post on this site. Maybe it can be shown on another occasion.

  5. Juan Amin Betancur

    Muy querida hermana Nirtan, muchas gracias! Nos sentimos de pronto en retiro sufi, junto con todos nuestos hermanos, apreciando la belleza de tu arte en las mañanas. Nos vas a hacer mucha falta en Quito. Te mandamos un abrazo con mucho cariño, Amin y Dilnawaz

  6. zubin shore

    Oh goodness, the full recording teaches us so much, the foundation story of Abraham and Sarah, and encourages us how the heart knows/shows what the tongue cannot, and the mastery of the artists, an inspiration to all who hope to express their thoughts and feelings with integrity. Sincere thanks.


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