Hafiz : I will arise

For some information about the 14th c. CE Sufi of Shiraz, Khwaja Shamsuddin Hafiz, see this earlier post.

Where is the news we’ll meet, that from
This life to greet you there
                    I may arise?
I am a bird from paradise,
     And from this world’s cruel snare
                   I will arise.

Now by my love for you, I swear
     That if you summon me
To be your slave, from all existence
     And its sovereignty
                   I will arise.

O Lord, make rain fall from Your cloud
     Sent to us as a guide,
Send it before like scattered dust
     That’s wind-blown far and wide,
                   I will arise.

Sit by my dust with wine and music:
      From my imprisonment
Beneath the ground, within my grave,
      Dancing, drawn by your scent,
                   I will arise.

Rise now, my love, display your stature,
     Your sweetness, and I’ll be,
Like Hafiz, from the world itself
     And from my soul set free…
                   I will arise.

And though I’m old, if you’ll embrace
     Me tightly in your arms all night,
Then from your side, as dawn appears,
     Young in the morning light,
                   I will arise.

Translation Dick Davies

One Reply to “Hafiz : I will arise”

  1. huma

    like the flight of a bird of paradise
    the verses lift our gaze to the sky
    and the mistery of Love is disclosed
    like the blossoms of trees in spring

    God bless you Murshid Nawab!


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