Hafiz: Not That Much!

The end of this place of possibilities
Is not that much!
Offer a cup of Wine,
The world, its rules, its toys
Are not that much!
Honour, life, and heart are
Reflections of the Beloved,
By themselves, life and honour are nothing much!
Do not beg for shelter,
Nor shade under which to rest,
Know instead that shade or shelter will not unburden life.
Wealth is the richness of Being;
Be fortunate to gain it all,
In bondage greedy for heaven,
Suffer the hardship to arrive
Such heaven and hardship are not that much!
Enjoy the brief life that you are given,
Time will pass, and you will be gone!
Oh, Wine Bearer,
On the shores of annihilation
We are travellers awaiting,
Take a chance on this moment of waiting
The distance between the shore and the ocean
Is not that much!
Oh, Pious ones, you are not safe
From the game of compassion
The distance between the temple
And Winery of Old is not that much!
My pain and my tears,
My everlasting longing,
No need to put them into words!
Such conquest is not that much!
The name of Hafiz is honoured
For the people of God,
Whether a good name or disgraced,
The difference is not all that much!

Khajeh Shemseddin Mohammad Hafiz of Shiraz
Translated by Nahid Angha PhD

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