Hafiz: The Brief Life of the Flower

A field of flowers
A Cup of Wine
And the Beloved by my side,
With such wealth
The king is my servant tonight.
Do not bring the candle for light
To this gathering tonight:
The Beauty of the Beloved shines
In the house of life.
Wine is not forbidden,
But with Your absence
All is forbidden in my life.
My ears attuned to the music of the reed
And melody of harp;
My eyes search for Your lips,
In the tilting of the Cup.
There is no need for perfume
At this gathering,
The scent of Your hair fulfils my life,
And the sweetness of Your lips
Has no counterpart.
As long as my heart aches for You
A treasure found in the ruins,
I shall dwell close to the ruins of my heart.
Do not blame me for my shame:
My shame is my glory,
There is no grief in my shame.
Do not ask for fame,
There is no blessing in good name.
Do not complain to the night watchman,
For he is just another drunk.
Hafiz, do not abide without
Wine or the Beloved,
Do not lose the brief life of the flower:
feast and love.
Time is passing, and life is gone.

Khajeh Shemseddin Mohammad Hafiz of Shiraz
Translated by Nahid Angha PhD

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