Hafiz: The Nightingale and the Blossom

divan-of-hafiz-binding-gul-u-bulbul-modAt dawn,
the nightingale called upon the blossom:
Do not tease and torment me so,
There are many blossoms so beautiful
Blooming in this garden of life.
The flower, smiling, whispered back:
True! But no lover is so harsh to the Beloved as you.
If you long for that cup of jewels
The Old Vintage Wine,
If you wish for the fragrance of love,
Then you must shed many pearly tears from your eyes.
To breathe the scent of love
One must first kiss
The ground of the Old Winery.
In the garden of heaven
The morning breeze came,
Caressed Hyacinth’s tangled hair,
I called upon the throne of seeing:
Where did your eternal vision go?
What a Pity!
The consciousness of riches rest and sleep.
The story of love is not told in words,
So the Wine Bearer offers a cup of Wine,
To bring the talk to its close.
The tears of Hafiz
Became an ocean to drown patience and wisdom.
What can I say?
The pain of love finds neither rest nor sleep.

Khajeh Shemsuddin Mohammed Hafiz of Shiraz
Tr. Dr. Nahid Angha

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