Hazrat Inayat: A Special Prescription

I want to tell my mureeds something about the Sufi teaching. My mureeds must know that they are not obliged to subject themselves to all the work that is to be done in the Sufi Movement, for it is a movement of personal freedom. But at the same time it should be remembered that to every mureed a special prescription is given, a special prescription which is pertaining to their life’s condition and to their development. Mureeds who cannot find the necessary time or who are not interested in continuing the practices which are prescribed, will certainly not be working against Murshid or against the movement, but they will be working against themselves, for they will be losing the greatest opportunity to develop themselves, which is given to them by God just now. I would say that anything that you may have lost in the world is a very small loss compared to the loss of the time that you have not given to these practices. The practices which are given to you are not only most valuable, but they are a phenomenon in themselves.

And now coming to the idea of the practices, of their nature and their character. The breathing practices are of the greatest importance. For your health comes first; your work, your business, your profession, all this comes afterwards. The breathing practices are concerned with your health; not only your physical health, but your mental health, together with the health of the soul. These practices which are given to you in the Inner School are not only intended for physical development, but they will culminate in spiritual development. Knowing that your life in the Western world is very busy, I have always given to my mureeds as little as possible; but if even that much you will not be able to do, then I am not responsible. Still, you know that I never shirk my responsibility; I always hold myself responsible for my every mureed, for this is my responsibility towards God.

About the repetition of sacred words, they have their chemical value, and according to this value an effect is produced in the life of the person who repeats them. The more you will learn about the mysticism of sound the more you will value the influence which can be exerted by a word. Never think that to repeat a word is a mechanical act, for even when you are mechanically repeating a word you are producing it in the spheres; it is being engraved in the Akashas. You must know that you have got two talking machines; one within yourself, and one outside in the sky; and every word that you speak, whether intentionally or automatically, goes on being produced on these talking machines. Only, the talking machine [of the world] is not living, but these two are living records which produce a living influence. Every phrase, every word that you ever repeat, has its effect and what has been prescribed for you as a word to be repeated in your practices, that word is prescribed in consideration of your particular life’s condition and need.

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  1. Talibah

    Oh Maestro, querido Nawab, Gracias siempre!!!, cada palabra llega en el momento adecuado. un abrazo enorme


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