Hazrat Inayat: Non-Existent Horizons & God

Man’s purpose is like the horizon. As the horizon appears before the eyes so the purpose appears before the mind, and as the horizon is in fact non-existent so the purpose is in fact a non-reality.


* * *

 The heart is a window between mind and soul, for the soul to send its light to the mind and for the knowledge of the mind to be reflected on the soul. Therefore when the heart is closed, the communication between mind and soul is closed also.

* * *

The heart of a spiritual person vibrates continually; the more alive it is, the more it responds to every reflection of beauty on every plane of existence. It is therefore not right to judge the attitude or action of a spiritual person from the ordinary point of view.

* * *

God is beneath all, beyond all, within all and without all things, covering all, surrounding all that is in Heaven and earth. God is the sum total of all that exists and is knowable and also of the existence which is beyond man’s knowledge. God is the source of all, the beginning of all, the end of all; all-pervading, omnipotent, omnipresent, everlasting, the only being. God is as pure, as beautiful, as fine, as wise, as good, as powerful as man’s imagination can conceive and even still more than the word “most” can express. God is the Crea­tor, Sustainer, Destroyer, Master, Judge and Forgiver, the First and the Last. God is the depth of each personality and yet He is the collective personality and still beyond all personality. So God is all and all is God.

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