Hazrat Inayat on becoming one

In order to experience the life on earth fully, the sight which is one, becomes two eyes. The one hearing becomes two ears, the one breath becomes two streams running through both nostrils. This shows that it is one life originally. The same life by becoming dual manifests on the earth, and experiences fully the world of variety. However, its inclination, known or unknown to itself, is to become one someday. Therefore the eyes feel rested when they are closed and the sight is one in its own essence; the ears feel rested when both are not active, when there is silence. Men feels inclined to cross his legs and to clasp his hands, which gives him a feeling of rest; which shows that duality is the soul’s transitory interest, but unity is its desired goal.


* * *

The physical body is a necessity for the soul to experience life in its fullness and to attain thereby to the highest possible realisation of life, just as eyes are necessary for the sense of sight to fulfil its purpose. Body is an instrument of mind, as mind is the instrument of the soul. The mind and body stand before the soul, like a folding telescope in two parts held before the eyes [perhaps ‘binoculars’ – ed.]; and although the experience gained through mind and body, becomes the realisation of the soul, the soul still remains unstained by any experiences gained by mind and body. However, every experience is for the cause of the soul and both mind and body remain nothing but instruments for spiritual attainment.

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