Hazrat Inayat: Our Present Need

Our Present Need

I was told the other day by one of our workers that what we need today is money. I said, “No, what we need today is servers, workers. Money is a dead thing, workers are living things, and more precious. When every false thing can also have money for its accomplishment, why must not a good thing have money also? It must come, and will come. But our greatest need is of workers, faithful workers, with balance, with tact, with equilibrium, and with the desire to serve the Cause. What I am asking today is for ten thousand servers to begin our work. For the whole world ten thousand is a very small number. So long as I have not ten thousand to begin with, I shall not consider that my work has begun; and my mureeds who sympathise with me and have devotion for the Cause, are asked to do their very best in helping to spread the Cause, so that before long I may have the above mentioned number to go on to spread the Message. Now, as to the idea how to do it: everyone has his friends, those who know him, who can be interested without his forcing upon them his principles. The workers must learn tact and the psychology of human nature. Human nature is very delicate, one may touch it wrongly. One must be as wise as a serpent. The real good thing that one can do is to bring spirituality, but man is afraid of his greatest benefit; and by understanding this psychology I am sure that the one who is destined by God to serve humanity will certainly get the help which is so needed. And now I will leave the work in your hands trusting you feel our responsibility for God and you will share my burden by your sympathy and do your very best to help the light to be lit and blow it gently that it may turn into a flame, the light of which may spread through the whole country.

Q.: Must every soul to be saved, come through the One Door?

A.: Every soul is a door and the one Triumphal Arch is God Himself, where all must meet, and when the door of the self is opened, then the person is safe. The safety of all souls is under One Arch, and that Arch is God, knowledge of God, knowledge of the Truth, which is the Saviour. All our work is to lead our fellows to that realisation which alone will save.


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  1. Takbir Rodolfo Cortes

    In the last few weeks, our Murshid Nawab has been very active and very kind posting many messages on the Inner Call. It has been a blessing to me, it has been like I have enrolled in a WEB seminar and every message posted is a course to be taken, studied, but most profoundly to mediate each word, every sentence, to extract the beauty and deepness of the Divine message involved in each one of the postings.

    It has been amazing and I am very grateful, because at my current situation is like every message is intended for me, yes I know it is and it for every soul that needs and wants to hear and understand, is just that by the grace of God my situation has helped me hear and uderstand the Divine message through every posting.

    Thank you Murshid Nawab for guiding us from your heart, for your connection with the Mureeds of the Latin America Sufi Movement.


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