Hazrat Inayat : Questions for Death

The Tanas chapter of the Gayan is described as the soul speaking with nature, and it includes brief exchanges with thing like the waves of the sea, the storm, the night, coal, rose-buds and so on. There is also the following conversation with Death.

Death, what are you?
          – I am the shadow of life.

Death, of what are you born?
          – I am born of ignorance.

Death, where is your abode?
          – My abode is in the mind of illusion.

Death, do you ever die?
          – Yes, when pierced by the arrow of the seer’s glance.

Death, whom do you draw near to you?
          – I draw him closer who is attracted to me.

Death, whom do you love?
          – I love him who longs for me.

Death, whom do you attend?
          – I readily attend him who calls on me.

Death, whom do you frighten?
          – I frighten the one who is not familiar with me.

Death, whom do you caress?
          – The one who lies trustfully in my arms.

Death, with whom are you severe?
          – I am severe with him who does not readily respond to my call.

Death, whom do you serve?
          – I serve the godly, and when he returns home I carry his baggage.

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