Hazrat Inayat: Regular Winding

The exercises which a mureed practices must be considered as a winding, the winding which keeps the mechanism of the clock going. And when one cannot continue the practices at a regular time that has been appointed for them, one fails to keep the spirit in its right pitch and regular rhythm.

Nevertheless, a human being is not only a machine, that is a part of his being. Therefore a thought which is automatically repeated in oneself by a practice, a mureed must continue by his own will, that he does not only practice at the time of doing the exercises, but he continues the thought all along through the day, that the same thought may be continued at night whilst he is asleep, in his subconscious mind. It is this that brings him the real benefit of it.

For instance, combining the rhythm of breath with the steps one takes while walking and continuing mentally the thought of one’s fikar, repeating wazifa with each step one takes while walking, can bring one a thousand times greater benefit than only doing it at an appointed hour. The object is to make oneself one’s thought, by repeating it in the breath, in the form of a word with every action, with every movement. It is in this way that one gets the full benefit of one’s exercises. Sufis who lived in nature interpreted the sound of the birds in the form of their wazifa. They took it as their zikar. And so sitting in the nature they always heard it. Instead of their repeating the zikar, the birds repeated it for them. So they blessed the birds and awakened themselves.

For a Sufi no sound is without any meaning, for he interprets that sound to himself in the realm of the meaning he wants. Besides, the sound of the nature which is continually heard through the wind and through the running of the water, and through all things that are moving, becomes the greatest meditation there could be, if one gave attention to it; that develops a wonderful realization by which one receives the fullest benefit that comes from all the sounds around one.


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