Hazrat Inayat: Thou playest with me

In the brightness of day and in the darkness of night what didst Thou not teach me!
Thou hast taught me what is meant by wrong and what is called right.
Thou hast shown me the hideous face of life, and Thou hast unveiled before me
life’s beautiful countenance.
Thou hast taught me wisdom out of utter darkness of ignorance.
Thou has taught me to think
after my thoughtless moments.
Thou playest with me, my Beloved Lord and Master, hide and seek!
Thou closest mine eyes and Thou dost open them.

En el brillo del dia y en la oscuridad de la noche, iOue es lo que Tu no me has ensehado!
Me has ensehado lo que significa incorrecto y lo que es llamado correcto.
Me has mostrado la cara espantosa de la vida, y has develado ante mi
el bellisimo rostro de la vida.
Tu me has ensehado sabiduria sacandome de la completa oscuridad de la ignorancia.
Me has ensehado a pensar
despues de mis momentos de desconsideracion.
iTu, mi Bienamado y mi Maestro, juegas conmigo a las escondidas!
Tu cierras mis ojos y Tu me los abres.

Gayan: Ragas

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