Hazrat Inayat ; Vibrations pt III

Describing the effects of vibrations upon us, Hazrat Inayat Khan now gives insight into the working of our outer senses, which may be scientifically measured, and our inner sense, which is finer but which communicated every perception to every atom of our being. The previous post is here.

When an object such as a fruit, a leaf, or a flower changes its color, this means that it has begun to vibrate at a different rate; and when an object changes it savor, turning from sour to sweet or from sweet to bitter, this also means that it is changing from one rate of vibration to another. It is a well known fact, too, that between cold and heat all the different degrees are nothing but changes of vibrations which make things feel cold or hot to us. It is also by the change of vibrations that the fragrance of flowers and fruit changes. A ripe fruit smells different from the fruit which is not yet ripe, and the quality of the fruit also can be distinguished by the sense of smell through the medium of vibrations. 

This shows that all things that we perceive through our five senses become intelligible to us, and we are able to distinguish them by feeling the different degrees of vibrations through our senses. We give names to this phenomenon of vibration; sweet, sour, or salt; green, blue or red; cold, warm, or hot. The purpose of each sense is to feel particular phenomena of vibrations which are related to it, the eyes seeing, the ears hearing, and the nose smelling. 

The five senses differ in quality, and one can look at this question from a gross point of view or from a finer point of view. The gross point of view is that of the form, which outwardly shows the difference of perception between one sense and the other. The finer point of view is when the mechanism of the capacity, which is inside every organ is distinguished. Science only approaches this question from the outside and not from the inside. It is most ethereal; it is most subtle, it is most inexplicable, and the more one thinks about it, the more one sees the skill of the Creator.

But the innermost sense in us perceives these vibrations in quite a different way; it does not perceive them in the same way as the outer senses. Thus one might ask whether the inner sense perceives for instance a color as a color, or whether it perceives a certain sensation which could be measured by numbers. The answer is that the inner sense perceives a color, but it is distinguished by the outer sense. What the inner sense perceives is the sensation that it gives, its essence. And as to numbers, the further we advance in the inner life, the less we can count numbers, for numbers belong to the outer world. The physical world is more distinct, and therefore we can calculate numbers easily, whereas the inner worlds are less distinct and this makes it more difficult to calculate numbers.

For instance when we are smelling a flower, hearing a sound, or seeing a color, we distinguish this as a smell perceived by the nostrils, as sound heard by the ears, or as color seen by the eyes. But that in us, which perceives is the one sense that is behind the five senses. Thus outwardly everything we perceive as a sensation is distinguished as such and such, but immediately there comes a reaction, and that reaction is that our inner sense reflects what it has perceived on all the organs of the senses and on all the nerves of the body, touching each atom of our being. That is why it is not only the ears which have heard, but in its reaction the sound has echoed in the brain, in the mouth, in the throat, in the whole body. If it is a fragrance it has touched each atom of our body; and if it is a color it has not only touched our eyes, but it has spread its influence upon every atom of our being.

Although our first impression is that we have heard music, seen a beautiful picture, or tasted a delicious savor, yet in reality we can say in general terms that we have experienced every sensation that comes to us through each atom of our body. And if that is so, then all colors and savors and perfumes and sounds have their definite and particular effect on our health, our moods, and the condition of our mind.

To be continued…

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