In the mystical sense, intelligence is light, the divine light of consciousness; where there is much light, there is clarity, and where there is less light (‘less’ since there is never a millimetre of the seen or unseen world that is without some light) there is less clarity. The light of consciousness is omnipresent, but its intensity varies through the dance of Creation.

In English, the word ‘intelligence’ means understanding, and ‘to understand’ in its origin means to stand between, or to stand in the middle of something.  If we are in the midst of something, then surely it should be clear to us, as no part is then hidden from our view.

Every person has within them the light of intelligence, although no-one could claim to always act intelligently. When we recite the prayer Khatum, we say, “Disclose to us Thy Divine Light, which is hidden in our souls, that we may know and understand life better.”  It is the light of intelligence that can bring us to a better understanding of life, but why is the light hidden?  Only because we are unaware of it.  When our gaze is turned outward, toward the intoxicating world of limitations, we do not see the light, but since that light is our very life, it acts through us in any case.  By the practice of concentration, we become able to direct the light, and it is the divine light of intelligence that allows us to solve any problem or difficulty that comes before us.  It is the same light that we turn, like a searchlight, on the storehouse of memory when we wish to recall something. By the light of intelligence, we can master all the affairs of the world.  But it is only when we grow disillusioned with the world, which, with all its transient charms, can never match the spark of Reality that burns within us, that we turn our gaze inward. Then Divine Light begins to dawn upon us–and the the light of understanding makes all our forms and conceptions fade like mist in the rays of the rising sun.

In our ‘modern’ world, modern being a term that is usually understood to mean, ‘good, because not old-fashioned, or because different from the way of earlier generations’, the light of intelligence is applied more and more to the material world, and the subtle manipulations of matter of which we are now capable are, in one way, truly a wonder. From a spiritual point of view, though, these modern miracles are not so impressive, for ultimately all that is matter will change its form; all that is gathered will be dispersed, all that is built will be destroyed; and above all, the eyes that admire these wonders will sooner or later be dust.  Only the Divine light of intelligence will live forever.  Presently the world thinks that directing intelligence into more and more subtle material questions will solve the problems of life, and it is true that in many ways these efforts have made life more comfortable.  But comfort does not solve the riddle of our life; the real problem of life will only be solved when we direct the light of intelligence inward, in search of itSelf.


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  1. Sharifa

    Dearest Nawab,
    If the light of intelligence is applied more and more to the material world, and we see subtle manipulations of matter, Can we say that more subtlety in the material world comes from human beings who are redirecting the light of intelligence inward in search of itSelf? So, subtlety in the material world goes hand in hand with a refinement in the spiritual world? Is humanity experimenting a progess in the spiritual world? Or the events are independent from each other? For no reason, I am confident about a better world if that means, to me, more people directing the light of intelligence inward. Thank you,

    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Dear Sharifa, Yes, I am also optimistic that the world is slowly awakening to the spiritual reality, but we still live in a very ‘material,’ very commercial age in which everything, even so-called spirituality, is bought and sold. The increasingly detailed exploration of the material is not brought about by people turning inward. Subtlety is not the same thing as spirituality. That is not a condemnation of those who explore the world; if every baby does it naturally, it cannot be ‘wrong.’ But the world has, to a great extent, tossed aside the God-ideal, which makes it difficult for spirits to ripen into inner awareness.


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