Jacopone da Todi : As air carries light poured out by the rising sun

For more about the 13th c. CE Franciscan monk and poet Jacopone da Todi, see this earlier post.

As air carries light poured out by the rising sun,
As the candle spills away beneath the flame’s touch,
So too does the soul melt when ignited by light,
     its will now gone.
Lost within this light,
     the soul, dying to itself, in majesty lives on.

Why fish among the waves for wine
Spilled into the sea?
It has become the ocean.
Can wine once mingled be drawn again from water?
So it is with the soul drowned in light:
Love has drunk it in,
changed it, mixed it with truth,
     until it is entirely new.

The soul is willing and yet unwilling,
For there is nothing the soul now seeks,
save for this beauty!
No longer does it hunger or grasp,
     so emptied by such sweetness.
This supreme summit of the soul rises
     from a nothingness shaped
     and set within the Lord.

Translation Ivan M. Granger

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