Kabir Das: The Final State

The ineffable tale
of that final simple state:

it’s utterly different.

It can’t be weighed on a scale,
can’t be whittled down.
It doesn’t feel heavy
and doesn’t feel light.

It has no rain, no sea,
no sun or shade.
It doesn’t contain
creation or destruction.

No life, no death exist in it,
no grief, no joy.
Both solitude and blissful union
are absent from it.

It has no up or down,
no high or low.
It doesn’t contain
either night or day.

There’s no water, no air,
no fire that flares up again and again.
The True Master permeates
everything there.

The Eternal One remains
unmoving, imperceptible, unknowable.
You can attain Him
with the Guru’s grace.

Kabir says, sacrifice yourself
to the Guru,
and remain ensconced
in the true community.

Kabir: The Weaver’s Song
tr. Vinay Dharwadker

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