Maghribi: Do Not Ask

Mohammad Shirin Maghribi (1349-1406 CE) was a native of Tabriz, but was called ‘Maghribi’ because he travelled in the Maghreb region of North Africa.  He was a student in the Sufi line of Mohyuddin Ibn Arabi.

Do not ask of madrasah or monastery!
Pass by tradition and do not ask about the right Way.
Adopt poverty and selflessness and be happy;
When you escape the prison of this body
Ask only of the king and his court;
From the people who practice poverty
Ask about its grace and taste.
Ask not the ones who are slaves to wealth
And rank and waste…
When you staked your head in all sincerity,
Do not ask for your cap, if they have stolen it.
My state, O Friend, is not hidden from you.
Do not ask for witnesses about me.

The sin of his existence is to be immersed in You.
Apart from this sin, do not ask hm of any other;
Maghribi has come full of apology, O Friend.
Overlook his sin and show Your grace to him.

Mohammad Shrin Maghribi
Tr. Mahmood Jamal

One Reply to “Maghribi: Do Not Ask”

  1. zubin shore

    Beautifull expressed, and
    “When you staked your head in all sincerity”
    is a timely reminder of some part of the retreat at the Darah on the Pleasure of God, thank you


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